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Shoes Philippe Model are one of the iconic products in the fashion industry and one of the biggest commercial successes in recent years. Born out of the creative union of designer Paolo Gambato and the French milliner of the same name from whom it takes its name, the brand Philippe Model offers a line of men's and women's sneakers that is both refined and researched. The look, in fact, blends typical French bon ton with Italian creative flair. Refined and curated, Philippe Model is an internationally renowned brand that boasts the Made in Italy label. Each shoe is handcrafted during all stages of production, starting with the cutting and washing of the leather and ending with the assembly of the sole and upper. The sneaker is also individually processed and shaped, so it is not uncommon to find small differences between two shoes Philippe Model, even if of the same model. Among the most popular models are the high or low Paris X sneaker in white or black leather, the classic Tropez X, and the Temple in white leather with animal and glitter details. Discover the new Spring Summer 2024 collection: the new models Antibes, Tropez 2.1, Nice and the new collection of men's and women's clothing! Also visit the section SALES for the best outlet prices online.